Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting started!

Step 1. Disconnect the GPU from your system, make sure all power is turned off before removing it from your motherboard.

Step 2. If you have a clean flat surface like a desk to work on, I suggest that oppose to working somewhere cluttered. Place something under the card that wont cause an electro magnetic shock, like the shield pack packaging your GPU was shipped in. Now place your card upside down so you can see the PCB side of the card with all the screws.

Step 3. I have highlighted all the screws that need to come off, you may unscrew the circled areas in a criss-cross pattern or start from one end and finish at the other. There are a total of 20 screws that need to come off. There is one small screw hidden behind the bar code sticker, so you may peel off a section to uncover the screw. Once you have taken off all the screws, place them aside somewhere safe. These screws feature a spring tension mechanism and are easy to pop off so try not to lose them.


Step 4. Get your needle nose pliers and slightly twist the double sided screw/nut, that holds the exhaust shield on. It only takes a slight turn for these to come loose. Once that is done you can unscrew them with your fingers. There is a total of four that need to come off. There are also two screws that sit above the DVI ports that need to come off. Once these are off, slightly bend the exhaust shield backwards from the bottom out, it will become free from the DVI connectors. Don’t bend them too much just enough to make it clear the DVI connections.


Step 5. Once the exhaust shield is freed, you can now proceed to take off the top GPU card. It may take a little wiggle, hold the bottom with one hand and with the other pull up the top card. It may seem stuck but its not, the thermal paste acts almost like glue. Once you have successfully removed the top card, disconnect the internal Sli cable that is attached to it.




Jedo said...

Hi g80sli, i have made a few pictures of my GTX295 cleaning process. It was overheating at 107 C. The cooling fins were clogged fully, it was scary. Here is the link:

Could we combine my findings and some instructions with your blog? Without removing the "baked dust rug" from the fins, it would have never dropped 20 C.

Look for me at jedighost(at)gmail(dot)com.

Nirvan Shuja said...

Hi, those screws above the bolts on step 4, on my card have been stripped. Any way you know i could take them out?

my email is "" if you can help that'll be much appreciated.

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