Saturday, March 14, 2009

Almost there!

Please remember to ensure that the white thermal pads that are stuck on the heat sink for the RAM chips, are intact in their designated areas before you replace the heat sink. Some people remove these pads and put non-conductive thermal paste, but these pads are suffice for heat dissipation.

There are three small die chips in total on both boards combined. The only one that I replaced the TIM for was the one that mates with the small copper portion of the heat sink on the top card.



Step 13. You can now start to re-assemble the GTX 295. Starting with the bottom GPU first, if you are confused it is the one that has the little rubber grommets on the backside and (DVI’s) on this card. The internal SLI cable has most likely detached from the card, so go ahead and realign it with the two connectors on the card. Now place the heat sink onto the card. This can only work one way, the side that has the mini copper block section must be facing up.


Step 14. Once the heat sink has been placed over top flip the heat sink/GPU over and begin to screw in the screw's you put aside. Make sure everything is tight and in place.


Step 15. Once the card with the DVI connections is screwed into the heat sink, go ahead and get your top card and place it over top. Make sure you re-attach the sli cable to this card. You can now start to screw in the designated screws you set aside for this card. Make sure everything is tight and all screws are in.

Almost done.

Step 16. You will need to re bend the exhaust shield from the top GPU over the DVI connectors of the bottom GPU. Bend it firmly over and re screw the two sided mounting screws to both sides of the DVI connectors.

Step 17. Take the graphics card shroud cover, place it back onto the bottom of the GTX 295, slide it up and it will now be back into place. Screw in the three screws in the back side, the one on the front left side, and the two behind the GTX 295 sticker. Now, get some double sided tape or glue if you wish the replace the BFG GTX 295 sticker (doesn’t apply to EVGA)

And your done. Go ahead and reinstall it back into your system, power up and check the temperatures. I noticed a 4-5C temperature decrease under load and a 1-2C decrease idle.


skcattaAHPD said...

Congratulations men, you're a courageous one disassembling AND reassembling that "sandwich" card.

I saw your thread at tweaktown, got curious and ended up here.

Best regards, André.

Raymond said...

I did this procedure exactly and now my card gives me the red light error (light on card is red instead of green). It doesn't show anything on my monitor.

I also noticed that the fan is not spinning on the card even though the power cable is attatched. Indicating the card is not getting proper power?? Tried different cables from PSU but no improvement.

You're thread was well written and easy to understand. I do not blame you for my card not working. I think my card may be a special case or there must be some error on my part. Any suggestions on troubleshooting?

kira_n13579 said...

@raymond. Dude reattach your internal SLI cables. They might have gotten disconnected when you re-assembled.

kira_n13579 said...

Guys can you help me out? I followed the procedure exactly but when I attached the card to my rig, It turns on, also the card with the green led at the back, but my motherboard can't detect it (No VGA detected).

Jean Guy said...

I did this and my gpu core one is around 74C on idle and 105 under load , core two is about 60C on idle and 88 under load. The thing is that this graphic card is in antec sonata II mid tower case, not alot of air circulation.

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